Monday, November 21, 2011


if you folks like, head over to my tumblr, i update there a little more often and there is a good bit of fun process stuff!

Album art!

“KILLING THE DREAM - FRACTURES” LP album art mockup.

i love how this piece came out. this assignment was to research a market, so i focused on vinyl packaging especially in hardcore. this came out so sick. lemme know what yous think?

Philadelphia Weekly Cover!

this piece was so different for me, color palette wise, but i love it. a mock up for a cover story for the philadelphia weekly, had fun doing this. what do you guys think?

Gig poster for The Casualties!

awesome, these came out super sick, might be selling the hand signed and numbered prints at some point!

Frank Carter!

portrait of ex-gallows singer, now PURE LOVE singer, frank carter.

little one page comic!

weird style, but super fun!


fun times!